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About Park and Bark

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Mission & Vision:

Now that we have established  our park, our mission is to enhance a well-designed dog park for the enjoyment of Newtown residents as well as to continue fund-raising events to provide the resources for ongoing maintenance of the park.

Our slightly-larger-than-two-acre land parcel is on Old Farms Road, off Wasserman Way, adjacent to the new Brian J. Silverlieb Animal Care and Control Center and across the road from the Governor’s Horse Guard.

Features in the park include two fenced play areas—a large general play space and a smaller separate section for smaller, older and more timid dogs

Availability of drinking water seasonally, shade structures and trees, and benches will provide a safe and comfortable environment for human and canine park visitors.

And because it’s important to us that dogs have fun and stimulation, our park includes agility course elements and other special features.




Thank you Volunteers who came by and lent a hand to make Park and Bark a better place.


So much was accomplished at Park and Bark in the past week, we are on the final stretch!

October 8th -Volunteers deserve the credit for getting the wheels moving and

the poop scooping.  Shovels, rakes and picks and wheelbarrows were needed for

a lot more work after the first day when the swamp was dredged and the ravine

filled in and planted with grass seed. 


Thank you to the donors who brought snacks and drinks.


Tuesday, October 9th -  In addition to scrubbing the poles and power-washing the deck and benches, trenches were dug and the stone set at the small dog park gate.


On Saturday, the big red truck made a special delivery!  The pups got one last day of

pool privileges.


Sunday, October 14th; Tools appeared and some advanced engineering and back breaking effort went into the swamp to keep it drained. And preparation for the brick was left ready for stone dust under the orange bridge. The small dog park got the stone threshold secured, that should keep the BIG dogs safe.  

The messy faucet got a new base of gravel and the round stones were raised.  

A crew had already trenched for drainage, a perf-pipe was added with the proper 

foundation and cover.  It does need grass seed for a finishing touch.


Bricks may be installed as early as 10-16-18.  If you are at the Park during installation, your help keeping dogs away from the work would be greatly appreciated!

Below is a link to photos. 

To view; copy this link to your tool bar for access to the photos, they are in name order so may seem out of sequence, but if you were there, you know the difference!


Thank you to Parks and Recreation for your continued support.



Friends of Newtown Park and Bark

RoseAnn Reggiano: Asst. Director Newtown Parks and Recreation
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