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Town of Newtown is shall not be responsible for and shall have no liability for the act or omission of individuals or their animals that utilize Park and Bark.

You are liable for any injury or damage caused by your animal.

  1. Dog must have valid license and rabies vaccinations must be up to date. Licenses and rabies tags must be displayed on the dog’s collar/harness.

  2. Dogs must be accompanied by their owner/custodians at all times.  Dogs must be under voice-control and in sight of the owner/custodian at all times.

  3. Clean up after your dog immediately and dispose of waste properly, using the appropriate waste receptacles.

  4. PROHIBITED ANIMALS: female dogs in heat and aggressive dogs are prohibited from the park at all times. Dogs younger than four months should not be brought into the park.

  5. Limit three dogs per adult per visit.

  6. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and closely supervised at all times.

  7. Admission to the dog park is limited to those accompanied by a dog.

  8. Smoking, alcoholic beverages and food are absolutely prohibited within the dog park.

  9. Keep your dog on its leash until you are fully within the dog park. Leash your dog before exiting the dog park. Be prepared to leash your dog upon any sign of aggressive behavior.

  10. Be a good neighbor. Be considerate of the peace, privacy and property of the Park’s patrons and neighbors. 

  11. Splash pad is designed to serve dogs only. Children not allowed; do not drink splash pad water.

  12. Agility equipment is designed for dogs only. No children allowed on agility equipment. Please do not allow children to climb on agility equipment.

  13. NO private dog training allowed. Training by Parks and Recreation personnel only.


Thank you for following out rules of Newtown Park and Bark 

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